About Us


4th Annual Summer Slam on the Waterfront

Summer Slam is a CrossFit competition aimed to challenge and test an athlete’s fitness. Our first year showcased some of the best competitors from all over the state, including many out of state teams. All of the admissions collected were donated to Ruth’s House, a local Women’s Domestic Abuse charity. Through Summer Slam, we hope to introduce CrossFit community to our beautiful little city of Washington. Our third year we donated our admissions to the Shepard's Cancer Foundation. This year we will donate to Bright Future's Program. 


Divisions this year:

M-M Rx

M-F Rx

F-F Rx

M-M Scaled

M-F Scaled

F-F Scaled

Masters (Minimum 34)

70-80 combined age

80-90 combined age

90+ combines age (minimum 45)